Low Impact Full Body Strength and Cardio CHAIR Exercises

This health and fitness Tip blog is dedicated to my cousin Trey! Thank you for reaching out and asking what you can do specifically for your health and fitness journey that includes chair exercises.

These chair exercises that I provide are for those of you who need to keep themselves moving, yet need something low impact that does not put a lot of stress on the joints and is a good start in their health and fitness journey.

There are so many chair exercises out there that could be performed but I want to share A few that are functionally appropriate and set a foundation for those who need to start slow and work their way up into their journey.

The video below will show the following strength and cardio exercises that can be included as a workout routine in your journey!

Share this with those who you feel may need this as well!

Each exercise listed below can be combined into one work out. You can do each exercise in intervals if you choose. For example, you can perform each exercise for 10, 15, 20 seconds or all the way up to one minute intervals.

Which ever best suits your current fitness level And that you feel will get the most from your work out, do it.

The few exercises that have dumbbells you can choose to use or simply perform by body weight.

Low Impact Chair Exercises (Workout):

  • Seated March in place
  • Seated Stepping Jacks
  • Seated Frankenstein Kicks
  • Seated DB Jabs
  • Seated Squats
  • Seated Ab Rocker
  • Seated DB Forward Raise into T
  • Wide Stance Side Bend
  • Seated DB Bent Over SeeSaw
  • Seated Step Ups
  • Seated Lean Hold

To get started

March In Place

Stepping Jacks

Fraken-Stein Kicks

DB Jabs


Ab Rocker

DB Forward Raise into T

Wide Stance Side Bend

DB Bent Over SeeSaw

Step Ups

Lean Hold



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