Love The Skin You’re In

Earlier this week I posted a pic with the comment Love the skin you’re in- Now I know that can be tough to digest for some, especially if you’re in a place where you’re struggling with how you feel and look. Loving the skin you are in can we look at in so many different ways perspective I’m looking at is the body I am in.

The best way for me to relay this message that was on my heart to share is this;

Just as we care for our children or people we hold dear to our hearts, our bodies need that same love and tender care too. Just as our children or the people who put their trust in us knowing that we will make the best choices and decisions for them, I believe our bodies hope we do the same for it. 

 There were so many times that I struggled and cried wondering if I would ever get the body back that I once had prior to having children. Now, the more time that I’ve taken to think about it and put it into perspective, my body has gone through a lot of transformations and stayed strong through it ALL!!  

This is the same body that got me all through my high school, college years, surgery, miscarriages, childbirth and where I’m at today. 

My body just adapted to the life I put it through. That’s all my body had done and is doing. So I come with a new perspective of appreciation and love for my body and it’s clear to me.

The only way for me not to love the skin I am in is when I mistreat my body in not taking the proper care of it like I should. I’m not holding that against my body. 

I love the skin I am in because God allowed me to learn this perspective Of total appreciation and love for myself to take care of myself. 



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