Losin’ It makes the paper!!


Got a call from the Canton Repository to ask about the Losin’ It Program. They were interviewing fitness centers in the downtown area and wanted to know more details about the program. When I first moved to Akron I brought the Tabata training with me because I loved it that much based off the results with myself. My first job in Akron was Akron General Lifestyles and I sat and talked to the Group Exercise Coordinator about Tabata. She was not familiar or heard of Tabata, nor was any of the numerous classes (75+ each week) teaching Tabata. They started me at one Akron Lifestyle location (North) and I eventually spread to the main headquarters (West). All of the participants were awesome and I was glad that they loved the challenge and workout.

When I took the position as Health & Wellness Director at the Eric Snow YMCA, I promised that I would bring Tabata training there too. During my maternity leave , my Executive Director brought me the idea of the Losin’ It program and wanted me to lead it. Before I even started back work, I was planning how I wanted to teach the program. TABATA OF COURSE! It has spread since the first time we offered. I am elated to see it come into fruition like it has. I am blessed that people have trusted and believed in me with part of their health & fitness journey.


I am spreading my love of health & fitness one day at a time!