Losin’ It cont.’d WEEK 4 Nov. 16th


Shout out and thumbs up to all the losin it participants today!!!!
For a Monday y’all came ready to WORK, the energy and work you put into the exercises today were awesome.
I’m especially proud and excited that a lot of you are able to do exercises now that you weren’t able to in the beginning.
kudos to you stay strong and continue to make it right get it tight!!

I asked the class today, with us going into WEEK 4 of the program, if there were certain exercises they couldn’t do before that they were able to now, and I was amazed to see how many hands raised. After class finished, one lady approached me and said she could only do the modified version of Jumping jacks, but could now do the actual JUMPING jacks. Something like that can mean so little to someone else, but HUGE to another.¬†Guess what?¬†Whatever progress is made, is PROGRESS and cant no one take that away…that’s great no matter what!!