Long time coming



It has taken mea while to post on my site for various reasons, but don’t worry!! I have MUCH to  share in due time!! Here is some of it…

BEAUTIFUL day for some BEAUTIFULL news…I’ve been quiet and laid back for some time, but for some they understand why, and there will be a time for me to share…but for NOW, here is some of current situation….

In Aug, 2015, I received a LinkedIn alert that my husband got a new job title…so when I clicked on the link this is what it read…

New Father- Fatherhood
August 2014 – Present (1 year 9 months)

It is tough to describe this new job in a life time, yet alone in this amount of space that LinkedIn has provided me with. However, I will try my best to capture what my new title includes.

If I had to put a description on my new job title, I would probably sum it up like this. Take care of my beautiful daughter up until it’s time for me to give her away, to the lucky young man that will win her hand in marriage; To love and provide for her to the best of my ability; To instill in her wisdom, knowledge and understanding about the way of life; Help her achieve her goals, and also show her what it will take to become the best; Sometimes my job may take me out of the country. An example would be, me flying to the moon just to bring back a moon rock so that my daughter can have the best, “Show and Tell” item for school.

There you have it, my summed up job description!”

Well daddy will be adding to that description because the Lord has blessed us to add to the family! We will look forward to a BABY BOY in August!
Rey Rey is going to be a Big sister yall!!

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— with Morris Ellington.



So you know what that means….check out my pregnancy journey blog! More to come!