Living The Process

I started my recalibration, which I spoke on in last weeks blog. Recalibrating has Opened my eyes in made me remember of the Crystal I used to be in can be, again. I’ve never done a recalibration and I’m glad I took the step for me. The Crystal I know myself to be and want to get back to is Focused, disciplined and determined. There’s been so many times Ive  been on and then get back off track recently And this coming for someone who is in the profession of health and fitness and knows the ins and outs. 

I should know better than anyone that we all will have her really good days in a really bad days through our health and fitness journey that’s why we have roller coasters throughout our journey but this time around feels different. Different enough That when roller coasters happen I know how to approach it. 

So many times I have let myself down because I gave myself Way too many excuses I felt bad for myself which in hindsight was hurting me even more.

As I continue to re-calibrate and adjust to newer and better habits, I wanted to share a video that I came across that really motivated and encouraged me for my process and I think listening to this man’s message would encourage you as well. You have to get up and go!

Be blessed and stay healthy y’all! 




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