Listen to my body

A couple days ago I hit myself with the question of what is going on with me felt like my normal soreness from a previous workout but I also felt achy and just overall blah! I had a feeling that i may be coming down with something especially with all the viruses “bugs” that have been going around.

On that specific, which had me feeling out of sorts, I had planned on getting a workout in but because I was feeling some sort of way I put my Super Woman ego aside and I chose to take it easy and call off the workout for the day. Yes, I was upset because I really did want to get a workout in but I knew more importantly that if I didn’t listen to my body that whatever I was feeling like, I could get worse. Later on that day when I arrived home, I started to feel a little worse so I laid in bed for a couple hours and it wasn’t until my daughter came to my side and snuggled up with me that I swear I started feeling better.

It was then that I felt like I could get my workout in the next day but again I knocked down that thought and told myself give myself another day and better yet try to pamper myself. The next morning before I started work I decided to get in the whirlpool and dry sauna to relax my body, refocus and do a little stretching. I think that was one of the best decisions, besides my daughter making me feel so much better, was the best decision I made.

I’m always telling my clients to listen to their bodies and make smart decisions. I would be failng them and myself if I didn’t take that advice.

It’s not always about having to get a good workout in to prove your self or others that you’re making things happen and it surely isn’t about the “no pain no gain” because if you were pushing through something that you know you shouldn’t, please believe you’d be missing out on a lot more workouts in the future then had you listen to your body in the first place and let it rest.

Listen to your body…