Like A Pearl

Have you ever been asked the question, ”How would you describe yourself?”

I have, but to be honest I could never put it all together for it to make sense. In my head I knew exactly what I wanted to say but my words just wouldn’t make it simplistic.

It wasn’t until a good friend shared with me a gift that was given to her. After looking at it, I KNEW she shared it with me due to the plenty of conversations on life we’ve had. This gift she shared gave relevance to our conversations.

I looked at my friend and said “This speaks so much life to me”. It literally describes me!
I kept rereading it thinking how awesome God is, how He uses different situations and/or people, His timing, to reveal things about yourself.

The crazy part about this situation was when my friend initially shared the gift with me she left it on my desk and walked away and was gone for a good 10 minutes before returning to retrieve it. 10 minutes of me just rereading it and letting the words marinate.

It definitely connected with my personal dimensions of my mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual life.

Although it was a gift given to my friend from another, it was a gift in a sense, to me, that it was simply shared.

Take a look

Maybe this speaks life to you as well♥️



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