On Sunday evening after listening to Governor Dewine express that IF parents could keep there children out of the daycares to do so. Although it was not mandated at the time I felt they knew something we didn’t, so I made the call to keep our children out of daycare. 

The first couple days were just blah. Just allowing everything to sink in and figure things out. Thankful for the resources that have been given and coming up with things to do on our own has been challenging yet exciting. All of it is a learning curve. A specific learning curve that parents who do not homeschool their kids, have appreciation for not only parents who do but also teachers!!!

For working parents outside the home, it’s A total different structure and learning environment from home compared to being in a school setting. 

With that being said, I believe it ALWAYS starts at home with parents having the responsibility of laying the foundation for their children and not putting it on someone else to wholeheartedly do. 

People who have a gift and passion for teaching children have a different perspective and creative ways and how they can connect with children.

So now when the kids have to be home and learn from the parents compared to how a teacher teaches them, it’s a total learning curve for the kids and the parents. 

My daughter is excited to learn even at home… My son on the other hand when I tell him it’s time to do a little learning he looks at me with his big brown eyes and says “Mommy, I don’t want to learn right now.” There is A LOT of patience and understanding in both. Their attention spans and learning curves are different. How I try and help my daughter learn during this time is totally different then how I will approach learning with my son.

Here is just a SMALL snippet of our learning time together. Enjoy!


We take it day by day. I already know some days are going to be really great and other days will be chaotic, but either way, we get to spend more time with our babies and that is what I’m grateful for. 



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