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There are a couple things as a parent I have noticed the kids cling on to that formed their habits. I have said this before and will continue saying it, kids at a very young age absorb everything they see in here and that’s how their habits are formed. As a parent with a leadership role I have flunked so many times but I learn from them. 

Sometimes I regret introducing the taste of sweetness to my kids at an early age but I didn’t take it too hard on myself because I wanted them to just experience being a kid as I once did.

The only difference this time around is Although they eat healthy majority of the time they tend to ask for something sweet all the time. It came to a head for me how annoyed I was, that they would ask for something sweet all of the time! such as a juice box or “mommy, can I have a treat since I ate my food?” 

Whhhhat?! I started looking more into the reasons why they would ask all the time and it hit me that they were only following in the footsteps of what they were seeing. I know I’ve talked about this in a blog a while back and every once In a while life reminds you of similar situations, just a different  experience. 

This experience, Since being in quarantine my nutrition has been ebbs and flow. it definitely became proof that when they would see me drinking something sweet or simply eating ice cream they would want something similarly.

If they see mommy or daddy doing it then that must mean that it’s OK.

At least in my household it has proven true that as a parent when you lead by example of habits that you carry they will follow that same pattern. 

When I drink more water, the less they stop asking for juice in the more they ask for water. When I say I’m going on a walk for some fresh air and exercise they want to do the same. Here recently I captured a couple videos of healthy habits that when we as parents make visible and audible, of our choices they will follow suit as well.

I am definitely that parent who wants my kids to enjoy the splendors of just being a kid but I don’t want it to be so consistent that that’s all they know (treats, juice etc) I want them to have a healthy balance of knowing how much is too much of something but most importantly how to maintain a healthy lifestyle overall. 

Guess what? That foundation always starts with the parents so as long as they continue seeing me treat myself with things that wouldn’t be supportive to a healthy lifestyle they are going to do the same. It’s all in the matter of actually being cognitive of it all. 

And sometimes that can really be hard as a parent because we can be all in our emotions for whatever reason we are dealing with. I know I have, where I just feel like I’ve had a long day or a draining day and my go to is ice cream. (I absolutely love my chunky monkey) and will eat it right in front of the kids or drink one of their juice boxes. That is fair game for the kids to I want to do the same thing. 

Here are two prime examples of when the parents show healthy habits, the kids will do the same. 

Hope it puts a smile on your face!


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