Kids, Nutrition & School

My Mom and I got into a conversation about the kids nutrition when it comes to them being in school and how nutrition and education go hand in hand, especially for young growing kids.

I will be the first to admit, especially when it comes to breakfast, that it has lacked on some days during the week, where its just not enough, but their lunch is plentiful. When they start back school in August, the gears have to change because in order for them to do their best in school and be energized, focused, attentive and have a sense of fullness, will begin with how they are being fueled before they begin their first morning program and continue throughout the day.

My Mom has worked for the Ohio School Board Association for years and gives very good feedback on information about how kids are effected in certain situations concerning their education. Nutrition is one of them. This is what she had to say:

Mom’s Feedback

Check out the Harvard study my Mom is referring too. Click the link below!–follow-your-intuition



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