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Identify Fitness Game- 

Every now and then I like to throw in a couple nontraditional workouts for my clients just to keep them on their toes. The other day I introduced the alphabet fitness game to one of my clients and they absolutely loved it and kept on saying how they wanted to introduce this to their family and do this as a family. 

When it comes to my children I obviously make it age-appropriate but definitely throw the learning curve in it as well. So if you have young children, why not make it fun with creating a work out learning game?

I already had learning card that I have been using with the kids during the quarantine and decided to use them to correlate with Fitness. 

I wrote on paper various exercises that I knew they were capable of performing safely and enjoy doing when they work out with Mommy. 

They would have to identify the card correctly in order to perform the exercise. 

This kind of activity works great for kids pre K through elementary because they are full of energy and willing to learn. 

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Learn & Exercise

Nutrition? The salad tutorials have been a success and with this video it proves that the kids love helping and will at least try something (I.e Bubs) 

Parents…. Try ANYTHING that you think your kids will enjoy- Bring them to the table and have fun! For mine, right now, the salad bowl tutorials are a hit! I look forward to trying something new at the table and see how they do!

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Our Salad



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