Since The stay in was ordered There were a lot of changes made within the household as everyone across the world has had to make. For us, being that both mommy and daddy are  working from the house we have to make sure the kids stay proactive as well. It was easy when we will drop off the kids at school and head to work everything was taken care of but now that is not the situation so it’s a collaboration of both school and work within the same household. 

As much of a challenge as it has been this far, we have been able to manage. From my last weeks Parent and Kid blog  I have caught on fast that when keeping your kids engaged and making sure that they’re still learning you have to teach them in different ways that are going to keep them involved.

Instead of following the format that I had originally planned out, which worked for a good few days, I called my sister who is a daycare teacher and she reminded me that the kids attention spans are short so you have to be very patient and do learning in short spouts. 

One evening I just sat down and thought about things I used to do as a child that kept my attention and I had fun with. It was a Non-conventional way of learning but it worked and I had fun doing it. 

I pulled out the Simon Says game which would help with memory and pattern. I introduced the game slap jack for reaction time and focus. 

we’ve use the punching bag and with each punch they either had to count to 10 in Spanish or English. 

For recess time during the day to keep them active and “sane” While mommy and daddy are on ZOOM conference calls, I had the kids pull out some of their favorite toys and hula hoops and take them out to the backyard. I would roll up and sit by the window while I was in a meeting and the kids played. 

Another accomplishment regarding nutrition was eating veggies….from the non veggie eater, Bubs. He actually gave a thumbs up on cauliflower! Heeeey. 

We have to do what we have to do!!! We can do this. Everything we do may be out of the norm, but as long as we put in the effort and staying consistent, that is all that matters!

Here’s a compilation of health, fitness and trying to be creative with learning throughout our stay in! Enjoy!

Keep It Creative

Wanted to finish off and share this daily devotional prayer o we our children:

pressures and stresses that have been brought on by social media alone are strong.

Please intervene in these children’s lives and hearts so that they may come to know Your love.

May their identity be grounded in You.

May they know that their worth comes from You.

I lift up the children that are victims of bullying or are under the immense pressure to “fit in.”

Let Your Holy Spirit watch over them and protect their hearts.

Please help me to be an encouragement to the children in my life.

I pray for a generation of children that will grow into strong followers of Jesus and who will work towards making the world a place full of God’s grace and love.

Please help each child to grow as Jesus did…

And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature,

and in favor with God and men.
Luke 2:52

In Jesus’ name I pray,




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