Jungle Gym Daddy

My husband normally does his workout at Lifetime Fitness, which is about 6 minutes away from the house, but on this particular day he just wasn’t feeling like leaving the house. Out of nowhere I hear him yell “KIDDOS, Daddy is going to do a workout!” They knew exactly what that meant.

Totally different way the kids “workout” with their Dad, compared to when they workout with Mama.

When it’s working out with Daddy, it’s like he is their playground. They climb all over him and they LOVE IT!

He uses them as his workout anyways, so it works out just fine.

There are SOOOOOOOOOO many ways to interact with children, keep them active and have fun doing it. The kids just genuinely enjoy not only the time they spend with their parents, but also keeping themselves moving.

I think every now and then, doing something a little out of the normal routine for a parent. Such like what my hubby did by not going to the gym, he brought the “gym” home. My daughter always wants to go to the gym with him but he likes going on his own so that he can stay focused.

This time around, it was like a surprise, Daddy is working out at home and they kids were so excited.

Its good to change it up every now and then!


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