JBT FIT & Routine #3

So my Journey back to FIT started this week with my first time back in the free weight room, and it indeed kicked my butt!! I did 2 sets of 10 of my exercises-Full body

Kettlebell Hip Thrusts

Stepboard Reverse  Lunges

Kettlebell RDL

Cable 1 arm press

Seated row

Alt. Arnold Shoulder Press

Lat Pull Down



Then I finished in the studio with my #3 routine for the Losin’ It

I come up with a different routine every class to this song. This is routine #3. I went through 2 sets to this song and on the 2nd set I had a young buck stick his head in the studio and ask to  join me but chose to step outside the video (they on the far right outside the screen, you can see his  shoes alittle bit) LOL. They did awesome all the way til we got to the last set of kickbacks to the song and they ran out the room.


When I finished as I walked to my office and spotted  him I said “whats  up?!” He gon say, the workout was good I just got tired at the end it start getting hard.

So he got the side-eye!!! Lol


Anywho, here it is…