It’s time…Nov. 8th, 2015

As I sit here writing my Nov. 8th blog post, I’m doing something I know I shouldn’t…I’m eating some Kellog’s artificially flavored fruit snacks. You might say “Oh Crystal, that’s not all that bad”…ummmm yes it is when you have 5+ mini fruit bags a day, BUT THEY’RE SO DANG GONE YUMMY!!!

However, that’s no excuse for me…I KNOW at the time I’m eating them they taste good, but about 15 minutes later, my body feels slow and ucky. No matter what the feeling I have afterwards eating them, I STILL go for another bag…its called ADDICTION!!! It may sound funny now, but its really not. A lot of us go through this when it comes to food.

I know when I buy them its because I’m filling some kind of void that may have happened in my life or I just want them, and as I tell my clients, when you have it in your house, its easily accessible. That’s what I’m going through at this moment, BUT I just vowed to myself that when I complete this blog, those fruit snacks, don’t care how many are left, are getting thrown away!!!

I always thought from time to time in my health/fitness career, why so many who say they want to lose weight, inches, etc etc, want it to happen so bad yet they cant or aren’t willing to let go of the very things that keep them from reaching their goals…. Read below for a great example of why.

Let me tell you the ingredients of these fruit snacks…CORN SYRUP, SUGAR, APPLE PUREE CONCENTRATE…ummm, I don’t need to go any further with the list, those are the first 3 ingredients listed and for those who don’t know, an product(s) you purchase, the first 3 ingredients have the most of it in that product. THOSE ARE ADDICTION INGREDIENTS!!!

I try to stay so in tune with my body and when I eat something like this, I cant ignore how I feel and better yet, what I look like after eating it…BLOATED.

I cant count how many times I’ve looked like a mini santa clause after eating crap like this and people noticing. ITS EMBARASSING and better yet, I know better.

Now that I have taken grasp on this addiction I have on these fruit snacks, its time to get my butt back on track and treat my body the way it deserves…its best. No workout I do, or that you’ve seen, can fully cleanse my body of the foods I choose to eat that aren’t supporting my goals.

I wanted to share with YOU and being as┬ácandid as I can be,┬áso you know if you are going through this, you’re not alone and its time to CLEAN UP and get our acts together! I may be a Wellness Director/Trainer, but I’m not smooth all the time. I fall off, and it takes moments where someone says something about my habits (husband), not feeling well, or not performing well when I workout because of bad habits such as this.

Its a brand new week and I plan to concentrate and discipline myself to treat my body right, physically and nutritionally from here on. I hope you do too. It takes one day at a time.


Thanks for reading…..