It’s not easy…

Parent and kid health & fitness Intro

For those of you who have children, or are grandparents, godparents or the guardian of a child( ren) understand what I’m about to say here next …

When a child ventures to try something new that may pose a threat that they could get hurt from trying it, it gives you high blood pressure LOL

A good example of this is taking the kids to the park which if any of you have followed my page know that when it gets warm outside I like taking the kids to the park and this past week they have been to the park just about every single day. Every time we’ve gone it’s been packed with kids.

My son for some reason has found that one part of the playground That allows a child to cross a bridge which requires them to hold onto bars to get across. For a parent, especially speaking for myself, this would give you mini heart attack’s.

There are some things we say absolutely not to but when you know the child is capable of doing it yet afraid that they could really Hurt themselves if they weren’t paying attention causes so much stress! My son so badly wanted to cross that bridge and although I knew he could do it I thought of him miss stepping or slipping and hitting a bar or just simply falling off messed me up.

I allowed him to try as I placed my hands around his body, but he was so adamant for me not to help him. After I finally backed off a little he proceeded and get across on his own just fine while I stood there sweating bullets.

The video below is of him crossing the bridge After him doing so more than onceand if you notice at the end of the video he raises his hands over his head for victory.

The Metal Bridge…aka A Parents nightmare

It’s so hard, but sometimes you learn to ease up or let go in certain situations. My kids are young so I have a long way to go LOL



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