Is your Journey your own??

It’s one thing to be inspired and encouraged to begin and maintain your journey because you saw someone else in their journey, and it gave you hope…but its another thing to actually try to live your journey based off of someone else and do what they’ve done.

EVERYONE’S journey is unique in its own way through the victories and downfalls. DO NOT think that because someone found success in their journey with what they did, you will find the same success in yours. Each of our journeys find victories and downfalls in different ways and at different times.

Don’t find yourself frustrated, confused, irritated, unhappy because what you saw someone else doing and achieving, will do the same for you. You might very well some success in trying a method someone else tried, but it may come in a completely different way then how that person got it.

If every time we followed someone else’s journey thinking it would do the same for us, we would get disappointed each and every time.

You can be INSPIRED AND ENCOURAGED by someone else’s journey which gets you up and going, that’s the way it should be. We all need to be motivated and accountable to keep ourselves going through our journey, but not make ourselves so inclusive in someone’s journey that we end up excluding our own journey.

We are fearfully and wonderfully made and so is our journey’s so EMBRACE IT, LEARN FROM YOUR JOURNEY and the SUCCESS WILL COME!



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