Ironman Triathlon Challenge COMPLETED!!!

I did it!!!! I am soooo happy!!

2.4 miles swim a hundred and twelve mile bike ride 26. 2 mile run all completed within 2 weeks. (the challenge was to either complete theĀ entire events in either 2, 4, or 6 weeks)
That was my challenge for myself. I knew that it was going to be very tough but I knew I had to be mentally tougher, and my competitive side always kicks in.
I don’t think some can comprehend the excitement that I have for myself. Lol
This is the first major goal that I have set for myself after having my daughter Reygan and as most of you know during my pregnancy I was partially on bed rest and when I was able to exercise the only thing I could do was swim and walk until I was officially released to start exercising again 6 weeks post delivery.
Although I have a very busy schedule throughout the week I made it work and made sure I put some time aside for this challenge.
The blind message in this post is if I can do it so can you, you just have to believe it!!
Ironman Triathlon Challenge-2 weeks