Investing in ME

My mom ALWAYS use to say to my sister and I- “You’re just not there yet” It always frustrated me because, at the time, being young, you know, you THINK you know everything. HA!

Little did I know, that what she meant by that was… keep living, learning and growing. As I got older my mom would say “Now you understand, you are there.” That didn’t mean I was there totally with everything, it just meant, I hit a milestone.

Now that I am older and have become more wiser, and have experienced more, I have learned to invest more into myself. One particular investment that I never really followed through with year after year, was really honing in on fasting and praying. Every year for church we would fast and pray, but I would mainly fast something, but not pray or read intentionally like I should. I would consider this a “I’m not there yet.”

When you intentionally start to look at yourself and be more cognitive of what is going on IN your life and AROUND you, you begin to think about what really is important and what needs to be done to make your life more balanced.

This is the year I finally have really invested the time in me to get to know the Lord more, have a better relationship with Him, READ more, take more time for myself and meditate.

I am currently on a 21 day Fast and Prayer, and I am focusing on BOTH. Fasting sweets (which is such an addiction), and praying/reading to open up to the Lord more.

I have never felt this way before, and it’s a great feeling. I truly know the Lord has His time and place when He wants moments such as this to occur.

I am excited to see what comes out of this investment and guess what, if it has anything to do with the Lord, what a GREAT investment it will be!



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