Into another year…Life Journey

Waking up and feeling good is a blessing in itself. Today, Sunday November 1st is my birthday! Another full year the Lord blessed me with.

I am just blessed to be able to share this blog with YOU!

In our life journey There are some things we may have control over and other things we do not. 

One thing we do have control over is the choices we make in our health and movement. Yes we may wake up with some aches and pains but a lot can be linked with our nutrition in what we choose to nourish our body with and how often we keep ourselves moving throughout the day. 

My goal for myself, YOU and my 4Star fit family has always been to be healthy, happy and fit. Let’s make this happen!

It’s about focusing on the complete commitment that we will treat ourselves the best we can each day to be successful. It’s a learning habit and A conscious effort. 

Need accountability and know that you need to have that feeling of healthy, happy and fit? Join in with me on this journey!

Thank you Lord for blessing me to see another year in this journey and continue to try and get it right. Teach me your ways and build my spiritual fitness so that everything else will follow and strengthen accordingly. 

Stay healthy and blessed y’all ✌️ ♥️



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