This past weekend I experienced inspiration in the midst of adversity. Although we are in a stay-in the only time I deem necessary to leave out is if I need to stop in the grocery store, but most importantly to check in on my family from time to time. I specifically check in on my parents  to make sure they are ok and we go on walks. 

This particular day my kids, my sister, her daughter and our mom went out for a nice walk. We finished our outdoor activity in the middle of the street popping bubbles. We had a blast. 

Bubbles in the street

It wasn’t until later on that evening when a 2nd  storm came through that things changed. As I was helping my mom wash dishes and clean some things out of the refrigerator, I noticed what looked like a reflection shining from the window. It just didn’t seem right. As I made my way to the window I panicked and pushed my mom out the way, I yelled the street is flooded!!!!

To make a long story short, most houses on the street had damage to their house and/cars. I’m the midst of this, when speaking to the fire department I overheard my parents say on 3 different occasions that night, “we will be ok, we have been through this before we will get through it again.” 

About 30 years ago, the street flooded and all I remember as a little girl was watching neighbors use canoes to travel on the street. 

In that moment, I was inspired by their courage and diligence. When they were calm, I was calm and was able to keep the kids calm. 

I thank the Lord for the timing of being able to react in enough time and just keeping us safe. 

Whether it’s a flood or coronavirus, I pray for the blood of Jesus to cover my family and I from all seen and unseen dangers, all sickness and illness. 

In Jesus name, AMEN!



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