Innocence of Freedom

My husband and I lead a small community church group to get together listen to the word online and go over discussion questions after. It’s a great way for us to connect as a community.

 In the light of all of the events that have occurred within these past few months we have touched on Conversations on how we as a community can come together in love and be able to talk the uncomfortable conversations that haven’t been had and need to. 

Our community group is a mix of white, black, and Asian. Our group has a total of seven kids all of different races playing together and I’ve always kept it close to my heart.

After our online church experience the first discussion question that was asked was this;

Describe the first time you were conscious of your ethnicity and what it communicated to you about yourself, your family, and others in your group.

My answer wasn’t a direct answer but the first thought I had was of being a child and how I observe children. They are so free, living a carefree world. Nothing matters to them but just loving , Caring and having fun. My heart hurts that they’re innocence in this world Will be tarnished due to other people’s perception and hate. 

I made an analogy similar to when Adam and Eve lived, they lived a carefree world, walking around naked and just living life. It wasn’t until they chose to disobey, that sin was introduced to the world and the blinders that protected their innocence was taken away. They ran and hid. 

I still believe to this day that children are born and gifted with the blinders of innocence and it’s not until people introduce sin of any kind that is not of love and peace, their innocence of living free is taken away piece by piece as they grow older. 

They start hearing and seeing different things of the world and depending on what it is they are seeing and hearing shapes who they can become. 

I just sit back and observe my children and other children in how they react with one another. More times than none they make it so easy just playing and making new friends simply by asking “will you be my friend?” Wallah! The kids begin playing like they’ve known each other for years. 

As an adult, asking will you be my friend ain’t cuttin it, we have to be more strategic In how we build relationships by asking questions etc. 

The other day I watched my kids and niece play in the backyard in the pool and my niece was buttnaked!! She did not care. She had such a good time playing, and nothing else mattered. 

To be an adult and Have a child like heart ♥️ is what I think about. To have a childlike heart is your actions and personality embody that of a child. I’m not talking childish actions but heart actions that kids lead with; To love unconditionally, be kind, and carefree. 

As an adult I wish I still had those blinders as a child to just live free. 

I thank God that my parents and loved ones kept me grounded in love and in God’s word that now as an adult Although I am way more conscious of the world then I was as a child I am able to still love you laugh and play. It may be a lot more difficult as an adult then it was as a kid but I am able to do it.



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