In Order to Get Change, YOU have to MAKE Change…

Since the New Year has started, have YOU set GOALS, a VISION, and a MISSION??

It’s not just about “setting goals” when you want to see something better for yourself. Its sooooo much more than that. Its really digging deep to know WHY you have these goals, why you have this vision, and what your Mission looks like to accomplish it.

I am sure by now most of you have heard or seen SMART GOALS (a management resource that helps you figure out your course of action), but I don’t really think people really put the time and effort into themselves to really figure out what it will take.

  • Specific- Do you have a specific goal?
  • Measurable- How often are you putting in time toward your goal(s)
  • Attainable- Is this goal(s) a realistic goal that can be achieved?
  • Relevant- Is this goal really a goal of mine, or for someone else?
  • Time- Is there a goal date of completion?

Tips that I believe will help gear you in the right direction, in addition to the SMART GOALS as it pertains to health and fitness:

  • Be more aware in knowing your daily routines, what duties your responsible for through the day
  • How are your sleeping habits
  • How is your nutrition habits/comfort in the kitchen
  • Are you eating way more than you should be? Are you giving yourself some time after eating a meal, before you going in for a second?
  • How often are you moving/exercising?
  • Behavioral habits- What are you spending most of your time doing that could go towards more investing in YOU? (Too much TV, Social media, talking on the phone..)
  • Staying mentally and emotionally attached to your WHY in this goal, vision and mission.

Investing in YOU to find out what is BEST for you is important. Thousands of people will NOT do the exact same thing/way to accomplish goals, it will have to be individualized.

To accomplish what you really want, you have to go to work at it but in order for that to happen, you have to MAKE it happen.

Lets go!!!



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