I’m Strong 💪🏽

I’m Strong

I always wondered what it would be like if I had a boy and the Lord definitely gave me my answer!

Bubs is so independent and knows exactly what he wants at 3. He can be so sweet but at the same time so mischievous and onery.

When it comes to his health I worry sometimes because He would be so resistant to everything we would offer him and I thought he would never get the nutrients he would need or grow the way he was supposed to but he continues to prove us wrong.

This boy continues to grow and get stronger physically, everyday, although he is VERY picky with his nutrition (which scares me sometimes because he turned his nose up to vegetables compared to his sister).

All of the talk people use it to say about boys learning and developing different and possibly slower than Girls, I took grasp on, but it wasn’t until having a boy that I didn’t think it applied to him LOL (But isn’t that how it normally happens when we become biased of our own children? LOL)

I came to reality that Bubs would lead his path his own way, learn and grow at the pace he was going to do it. He has shown so much strength and tenacity as a three-year-old and I am just excited to see him continue on.

He has now started showing more of his personality and even involving himself with my fit mom workouts. At one point in time he didn’t wanna have anything to do with the workouts especially when it was me and Rey but now it has transitioned into participating in a work out or such as you’ve seen in the video above, where I’m not even a part of a work out and he wants to do one on his own.

it’s just a refreshing reminder that God works on his own time, uniquely within each of us and there’s absolutely no reason for us to try and create a timetable that is not in our control.

That’s my boy! My strong boy!



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