I posted yesterday not for any sympathy…just simply sharing that God is good.
Yesterday, as I headed on my way to pick up my babygirl, I was struck on the right side of my car by a guy trying to edge his way out of a side street onto a busy road. Had he tried to get out just a second quicker I would have hit him head on.
Thankfully both of us were ok, unlike the cars. When the police arrived and accessed the scene, the officer looked at me and said, your lucky because incidents like this don’t end well.
What I want to shout is IM BLESSED…what the devil meant for bad, God protected me. The devil tried to put “what if’s” in my head to really get me emotional, but I put it to a stop and gave thanks to the Lord.
I’m a bit shaken up, but all is well and I got to see my Rey of Sunshine.





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