I won’t complain

There comes the moments in your life where you need to be refreshed And reminded on How good God is Through everything you encounter in life. Yesterday was one of those moments for me as I drove to meet up with some good friends to talk about worship and praise, as well as work on vocal training. I am always listening to music wherever I am going, as it inspires me and gets me into a mood that brightens my day. There were two Two particular songs I kept replaying over and over. One being Gracefully Broken. The singer, Tosha Cobbs, says before going into song;

“God will break you to position you, break you to promote you, break you to put you in your right place. But when God breaks you He doesn’t hurt you, He doesn’t destroy you, He does it with Grace” Anyone ever been Gracefully Broken?

When listening to those words, it just opened my heart more to all the God has done in my life and understand WHY He does it. He has NEVER left or forsaken me!!

As I listened to this song, another song came strong to my spirit that I knew I had to listen to, and it made me think sooooo much of my Papa. A GREAT man of God and his word. “I won’t complain” was one of my Papa’s all time favorites, as a matter of fact, my papa would sing it over and over in the days before he passed.

I felt like the Lord was reminding me that through everything I go through, the great days, and not so great days, I wont complain. Through this journey, God will gracefully break me into the position He has called for me, in His time, and in doing so, I wont complain because God didn’t have to show me His Love and Grace, but He is a loving Father.

I share this with YOU because, for ME, when I am trying to maintain balance in my health and fitness journey, one of those balances are my spiritual well being. If that is not right, my physical and mental balance is weary. So I am grateful for those moments of refreshing reminders.


Where do YOU feel you need refreshing reminders when trying to keep balance in your health and fitness journey?