I Walk Because…
These are some of the faces of women I know who have gone to and through battle, given inspiration and smiled even through their toughest moments. They’ve given awareness and helped others on their journey.

I got super excited when my Hubby called and asked if I wanted to head back to our old stomping grounds, Canton Ohio, to do the Making Strides 5k Breast Cancer Awareness Walk. I think we had participated in this walk for at least 5 years straight. It brought back soooo many memories.

It’s something I hold dear to my heart, because in 2009 while my then, fiance, I and my mother sat to enjoy breakfast, my mom got a call that made us leave all the food that was just served to us, go cold. She had been diagnosed with breast cancer. This is truly when I became AWARE. I attended every radiation session my mom had and sat in on her doc appointments, so not only could I be there to support my Momma but also be there to understand the process she was going through and be more educated about it. I needed to understand what the doctors were saying especially after being told that with me being the first born, I needed to stay aware and do my breast examinations.

As my Momma’s journey began after her diagnoses, I started working with her, helping her build a better health and fitness lifestyle and she improved. She lost about 50 lbs in that year.

In 2011, I moved to Akron and felt confident that within the year I got to work with my Momma that her lifestyle was better and she was in better spirits.

In Akron, I had the opportunity and honor to build relationships and help other women who had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.
At that time, the place my hubby was working for, Aultcare, was sponsoring the Making Strides 5k walk for awareness of Breast Cancer. My hubby was all in for it in the support and awareness it brought. He knew how I felt and still feel about it. I walked it before my first child was born, then once Rey came into the picture, I strolled her right along with us. The same went when Brendan was born.

So this year, we walk as a family. I walk because I represent my Momma. I walk because I honor the women I got the honor to work with. I walk because I support and think about the friends and teammates who were diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age. I walk, support, make aware, and represent for all of those who need the motivation and encouragement knowing we care and we love them. I walk for my health and I walk as a role model.

Thank you to my Momma, Nancy, Tiffany, Ivy and Christina aka CP for allowing me to share your beautiful faces in my Embrace the Process Blog. Continue to educate, encourage and inspire others through your stories.

Again, I am so very excited to walk this 5k again.

Side Note: I received news from my friend/client, Ms Nancy, pictured on the bottom left, that on October 24th, 2019 will mark 16 years as a survivor🙌🏽



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