I say Grateful

This weekend I attended another Vocal/Worship Leader Training session. One of the questions that was asked to each of us was, what is a word that can describe how you feel during this season of your life. As everyone shared their season, the word that kept coming to my heart was gratefulness.

I’m so grateful for this season of my life because as I reflect, I have been through a lot of tough times where I didn’t think I was gonna get out of it and I’m grateful that God kept me and reminded me who He is and provided me with the strength and His love to keep pressing.

Not only am I grateful for that but I’m also grateful for the times He spoke to my heart so strong to step out on faith and do things that I would’ve never thought I would put the time and effort into. I am grateful.

When God is ready to transition you into something new be ready and open to that new thing. Don’t hold onto the things that you think you should still be holding onto because you’ll only be holding yourself back.



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