I made time…

Even though it was my day off, I had A LOT to do. Was up at 5am to help get the kids ready for daycare since hubby had to be to a meeting by 7am.

Once they were out the door, I went straight grind mode because I wanted to clean the house,┬áhad a meeting at the church in a few hours then after that, grocery shopping time. I had to make some time for a little exercise since I didn’t get it in the other day. Knowing all what I had to accomplish, I fit my exercise in but chose wisely, something quick and effective and get me going…TABATA!! (Of course you knew that’s what I was going to say/do)

Hey! Its works every time…Here’s my4 minute Tabata routine for my FITNESS FRIDAY!!

Started out with approx. 100 jumps w/the jump rope-( I say approx. b/c I think I miscounted somewhere a long the way)

After that…Tabata


BOSU Kickbacks

BOSU Squats

BOSU Dumbbell Jabs

BOSU Reverse Crunch