I like to eat…eat…eat

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I am SOOOOOO glad I had my phone near and was able to video and catch his shenanigans LOL-

I was packing the kids lunches for the next day, so I was pretty focused on that, until I overheard him singing, “I like to eat…eat…eat, apples and bananas, OH YEAH! I like to eat…eat…eat”

It wasn’t until I actually turned around to notice that he actually was performing with the apples LOL . It was the best moment to try and grab a video of him.

We normally keep fruit in a bowl on our kitchen island whenever the kids want some fruit. This was one of those of those days.

When it came time for MOMMY to eat her food, Reygan was all about eating the veggies…specifically the carrots. Bubs…we are still working on. At least he asked, but he’s still not committed to it yet. LOL


Oh yea!



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