I Don’t Quit

This blog connects to a couple of my previous blogs in some way. My question to you is, have you ever wondered if anything you’ve ever done or are currently doing, in hopes to help other people, truly mattered or is even working?

In my journey as a fitness professional, I’ve always wondered that but it’s come with the satisfaction of knowing that if what you’re doing comes with true good intentions, pure of heart, and passion, that you really are touching the lives of others even if it’s not often that you have confirmation from what you do.

Well I always cling on to the great news in knowing there is someone who always watching and cheering me on No matter what, and that is my Heavenly Father!

I have evolved in a lot of what I’ve done in my career/journey just to keep up with it industry, however my goal has been to never lose myself in it, otherwise my passion would become dull. The health and fitness industry is very very competitive, there’s always something new coming out to target people.

I say all of that to say, I stay steadfast with what I do to keep my passion ignited. Whatever content I have that is on my heart, I ask God what is it that He wants me to share and I do it. So I keep sharing because it is what I love to do and I only hope that it touches at least one life. That’s why I will never quit.

Sometimes when I’m out and about I may come in contact with somebody who will verbally tell me that they seen my post in relation to health and fitness or my kids and how it inspired them. When it comes to social media, you never know who’s watching. Some never comment, or give any indication of seeing a post, but who knows! I believe whatever your hope for in what you are trying to do/share in reaching someone, will touch the right person who needs it the most!

So I encourage those of you who are reading this, if there’s something that has always been ignited in your heart to do, keep on!! You just never know who else you are inspiring and connecting with.
If what you are doing truly makes you happy, you keep on doing it no matter who else may be bothered by it or is just simply a naysayer.

I want to drive this one point home that made all the difference in me never giving up. Although my passion and happiness comes with helping and changing lives of others in health and fitness, I should never get into deep where I’m worried about who I am inspiring, or is it pleasing to them etc. it can drive you crazy! This is exactly what I meant earlier when I spoke of losing myself in the industry. Content I put out, or things I say should never be shared if it’s just to get likes or have someone notice me just because…and then I have the nerve to hope someone gets inspired by it. NO! I Do it with passion and what again ❤️ truly feels and I believe that’s what will inspire others. So I don’t quit and stay focused.

Before all else, The person that I want to make sure is happy with the work I do, is my Lord God. He will always be my number one fan and would definitely be upset if I ever quit. As long as I Follow the path He’s called me to do, my final goal, as my grandfather always used to say is, when I meet the Lord face to face, He tells me, “My daughter, a job well done.



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