I can start back light exercise
Took advantage of a gorgeous day by taking a 2 mile walk in one of the Metro Parks


So after all of the mayhem and basically doing no type of physical activity, my check-up with my doctor finally came. This check up was a normal routine to see the baby’s growth and to make sure the hematoma that formed on my placenta was shrinking. To my delight, not only was my bundle of joy growing on time, my hematoma was getting smaller and smaller. Small enough that my doctor gave me the ok to start light activity which was walking or swimming.
With that good news, I knew I could start somewhere and get my body moving. I planned out that each week I would commit to swimming twice a week and the other days, do my walking. My swimming would take place at my job, and it would have to happen before I started work. So I started getting up earlier on my swimming days and get at least 45 minutes of water activity. My treadmill or park days, my goal was to walk 1 mile. Reality got real when I noticed walking on the treadmill that 2.5 mph was about a comfortable speed for me, compared to walking at 3.5-4.0 mph before pregnancy. The whole focus was to just MOVE!
I was able to sustain this commitment all the way through my 9th month of pregnancy and I just kept thanking the good Lord for giving me the strength, perseverance and faith that He would get me through it all!