Hurting. Healed. Mindset Renewed

So for those who did not happen to see my workout and Affirmation I posted earlier this week it had a lot of emotion behind it 

Crazy thing is, I came across this song the same day I posted my affirmation and let me tell you, God has this amazing way of revealing healing through whatever hurt you are experiencing whether it is mental, physical, spiritual or emotional hurt. Just lay your burdens down to him and let Him do the healing because we surely can’t heal ourselves. 

I know I always have my up and down moments from time to time. When those down moments come my spirit feels suppressed and makes it vulnerable for doubt and feeling stuck. 

At that time that I cried out to the Lord my spirit was suppressed and I was crying out for him to break me free because I know the potential the Lord has for me and I’ve worked so hard and come so far. It hurt as I was crying out but at the same time I was receiving healing in that moment and when I finished all that was on my heart,

 my mindset was renewed. 

Workout and affirmation 

It hurts but it heals -God 



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