How To Shape A Make It Right, Get It Tight Booty!

This healthy and fit content for this Sunday goes out to my girl, you know who you are!

The exercises that I provide are some that would already be deemed classic exercises that are seen and done often.

In order to have a stronger and nicer backside is consistency! Your glutes are the strongest muscle because it not only helps support your Loback and posture but it helps greatly with your legs.

All exercises that I perform in this video can be done by time or reps. If you have any questions please leave a comment!

Squats– A classic exercise that not only works your glutes but other major muscle groups- The lower you can go into your squat, keeping good form, the more benefit and engagement you will have working those muscles

Lunges– Another classic exercise, very similar to squats in that it targets more than one muscle group, however, now you are performing single leg movements that may require a little more balance. Keep the knee behind the foot when stepping forward into the lunge, keeping your chest up. Both knees should bend when in lunge position to get the benefit of targeting those muscles!

Single Leg Kickbacks– Targeting glutes and low back- SQUEEZE that tush as you raise your leg- Keep leg in extension- Added benefit is working some core muscles. Also, make sure you keep your hips facing the floor. Try not to turn your hips as your leg raises.

Hip Raises– A classic move-Drive through the heels of your feet as you raise your hips up. When your hips are in full extension, I want you to SQUEEZE your booty as if you were trying to break a pencil! Slowly return to the floor.

Stability Ball Reverse Hypers– Using a stability ball of course is going to make you work balance and stabilization, but it will give some flexibility in being able to perform this exercise. The reverse hyper will target your glutes and low back.- Sidenote: If you are not comfortable in performing this exercise, stick with the Hip raises.

Booty Exercises

Make it right, get that booty tight!!!



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