How are we nourishing our body?

There are a lot of things that can be delicious but are they nutritious?
As a trainer and coach I am a firm believer that we live life to the fullest and should enjoy our life with the good and not so good things with BALANCE, specifically speaking, food. With that being said, how often we create the habits of what We do more of one thing than the other.
The matter of fact for me is not so much of the satisfaction of what food gives us but more so the focus on how you FEEL overall.
I have had my fair share of foods that I love but that do not love me back. How it tastes was the bomb but how I felt afterword was horrible.

I just read a post that I have heard many times over before and there’s nothing new under the sun, just a great reminder of how it links to life of the body.

As I always tell my clients, how many choices we have when it comes to nourishing our body far more outweighs than our fitness routines in a single day, so the choices that we make we must stay self-conscious with.
Yes we may have not so good choices when it comes to certain cravings, but the next choice you make could Be a better one.

How are YOU nourishing your body?



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