Homemade Vegetable Soup

Another nutritious and delicious soup for the Fall, that can be made from your crockpot!

All you need to do is listen in on this video as my Momma explains how she put it together with the ingredients used.

I am putting a disclaimer on this now! A lot was going on during the taping of this clip- one of the dogs ran in the kitchen… now I don’t know about y’alls houses growing up but no animal was allowed in the kitchen, especially in my Momma’s house, especially in the kitchen…that is a no no, so you get to hear her turn up.

The other event occurred as I was filming, my son decided to place his hand over the plastic sheet that was covering my mother’s birthday cake, which caused me to go into a laughing and coughing fit- At that moment you will hear my Momma say “DON’T DO THAT!”…that’s what she was referring to. LOL- and NO I was not coughing towards the delicious soup.

Trust me, if I did, the rest of this video would not be done because my Momma would have been heated, additionally, she would have knocked me upside my head. However, With my incredible skills, I was able to turn the other way while still keeping in focus of the task at hand…the soup. 🤣

There seemed to be so much going on, but let me tell you something…This soup was DELISH!! I don’t normally care for vegetable soup, but this one I make the exception!

Check it out and enjoy!

Veggie Soup



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