Holding ME Back

“One of the greatest tragedies you can experience is to come to the end of your life and realize that… your failure was due in large part to your inability to get out of your own way.” – Mark Goulston

How scary is it to think that I got in my own way from reaching the potential or do something that was on my heart to do but I just let “other things” distract me, or I would use “other things” as excuses to hold me back from that greatness? 

I have dealt with that from time to time. I think I would really beat myself up if I got a point in my life where I told myself why did you wait so long? There’s a difference between allowing yourself to become more wiser, and patient so that you can be the best at it…but it’s another thing to already have that wisdom, given yourself the time and yet still won’t take that step to make things happen. The fear of the shoulda, coulda, wouldas. That would haunt me knowing I could be great but never gave myself the chance, while watching other people live out their dreams and do what made them happy.

I think about Tyler Perry’s story. He FOLLOWED THROUGH. He could have stayed right where he was, homeless feeling sorry for himself, but he kept pressing, kept working and followed through with it to the point where he is now! He would have never known his potential had he let himself stay in that dark moment in his life. 


People can motivate our thoughts and decisions but ultimately the decision and thoughts you follow through with are made by…YOU!  Don’t hold yourself back!



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