Here we come 2017

Wanted to share now before we all get too busy ready to celebrate the New Year….

To all those who ate taking that step to a healthier you…WELCOME to the journey

Just a few things i want to share with YOU specifically…

1. Do NOT expect magical transformation in 1 month

2. Stay FOCUSED ON YOU!!!! Dont worry about others around you. Believe it or not some of the folks who you see very fit or tons of energy werent that way all their life and worked go get where they are.

3. Its NOT easy but that’s what makes the journey all worth it cause when you reach goal markers you can say you WORKED for it and are stronger.

4. Embrace e the process!!! The health & fitness journey is just like anything else in our lives…we have our ups and downs but we work to make it through. We don’t give up!

5. Dont do too much too fast!!!! The anxiety, excitement, nervousness etc will make you want to do a lot and feel sorry the next day. Go with a plan…something small and stick to it!!! One workout at a time.

6. Make it fun!!

To those who are regular gym goers…

1. Encourage and motivate!

2. Dont give unsolicilted advice to new faces…you may be doing more bad than good (overwhelming)– On the flip side, if you really have good intentions in helping do so without overwhelming info.

3. Dont look at new faces as temporaries, it makes the environment unwanting. There ARE those who really want to begin a healthy and fit journeybut it can be very overwhleming.

5. Remember most of us were in their shoes and know the journey it took to get where we are.

To everyone!!!


Lets make things happen!!