Healthy Snack Alert for the Kids!!
Mommy and Daughter enjoying a snack!

So one of my favorite snacks that I would munch on throughout the day were cucumbers. I especially eat them during both my pregnancies with Reygan and Brendan. Cucumbers offer not only the water content in them, but also vitamins and minerals.

The dressing you use is up to you. For me its strictly 100% EVO, Balsamic or Avocado dressing with a touch of vinegar on the cucumbers. With a dash of salt, pepper, and if you like spice, add some pepper flakes.

So the kids and I were kickin it over my parents house, and I noticed in the fridge a huge bowl of cucumbers. When I sat down to eat some, OH MY GOSH, the kids could not keep their hands out of the bowl. It was like candy to them. They absolutely loved them. In addition, the cucumbers were straight from a good family/friends garden, so the taste was even better.

My niece snackin’

So with that being said, get in the kitchen and make this snack for both YOU and the kids- It literally takes less than 10 minutes, if that, to chop up however many cucumbers you want, choose your dressing to marinate the cucumbers in and eat!

I will say, if you let them marinate overnight in the fridge…even better.



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