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Have you ever heard the saying watch who you hang around because either they become like you or you become like them? My mother always used to say that to my sister and I and it still holds true today.
Think about applying that to your environment, what you surround yourself with each and every day. It plays a huge factor in your health, mentally and physically. My mom used to be a correctional facility professor and the walls inside of the facility was pink. Why? Because it had a soothing and calming affect to the people staying in that facility.
If you’ve ever noticed in commercials that are promoting anything healthwise, they are bright vibrant colors that are welcoming and soothing. Now let’s make it a little bit more personal within your home… Are your window shades always closed? Are your colors very dark or do you have any kind of colors that draw your attention/stand out? 

The purpose in this tip is surrounding your environment with color to bring energy and joy to you when you enter into it. Have a fresh bouquet of flowers in the center of your table or purchase a nice vibrant wall Decor, something that catches your eye and triggers the feeling of happiness and motivation.

I do it all the time- first thing in the morning when I get up and open all of my shades to invite the natural light in. Pretty often I will go to the store just to purchase some bright colorful flowers. It really does a mind and body good. Notice how your attitude changes.

Go ahead, buy yourself some flowers for the house, or even a nice house plant, wall decor or just simply let more light shine on you. I bet you will see and feel a difference. 😉

For your Fit Tip, Check our the clip below 💪🏽

Plank Into Stand Up



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