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One contributing factor of tension, added stress and overall feel of tightness is because we don’t stay aware of our posture when we are doing certain things. Such as the most common, sitting at a computer for too long.

how does it affect our health? Our body is a response mechanism and how it responds to certain stimulus can good be fit or be a chronic pain.
STRESS comes in all shapes and forms. Our mind and body responds to that…. tensing up is a natural  reflex reaction to stress. Whether you’re in a heated argument, waiting on some news, or simply doing work related content and you have a deadline, these few examples are an onset of stress!
In some cases when stress calms down, the body will too, but the funny thing is, sometimes we don’t even know we are tense!
if we don’t take moments throughout our day to focus on our mental and physical health, we can cause tension in our body to become chronic.

so with being said, this is a simple yet fresh reminder in times of stress or positions you may have stayed in for too long causing the muscles to lock up:

Fit Tip

Blanket Battle Rope



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