Health, Beauty and Fit Tip- How Hydration effects Performance and how Olive Oil can be used other than with food!

Beauty Tip

Since this Sunday I am sharing about the beauty aspect in health, I actually decided I also wanted to tie in the beauty tip with a fit tip in a commonality. How to keep your skin, lips, face moisturized, but also why its important to keep yourself hydrated, because if you cant keep yourself hydrated, you will find that you will have to keep your skin, lips and face moisturized way more often than you may need to! Most importantly, being dehydrated internally will start showing externally!

Here’s the Scoop:

Need Water?

Internally, our body needs water. Our cells transport fuel throughout our body, and our cells depend on water to help produce energy. If we do not have that important energy tool, when it comes to our workouts, believe they will suffer!

Our bodies work in a unique and complex way in how we use our energy. Without going all scientific of how the breakdown works with our body, just know this…the process in how energy is converted cannot happen without the presence of water.

If you are feeling sluggish and fatigue, especially during your workouts, that’s a great indicator that your body is DEHYDRATED. When you are dehydrated and still trying to workout, your body, specifically your heart has to work harder just to pump blood throughout your body. With increase of fluids, such as water, helps increase your blood volume and makes it so much easy on your heart!

One additional tip to know! Here is another way to know if you are not hydrated: If you pinch your skin on your hand or your thigh- If it doesn’t retract back quickly, yet feels stiff and slowly returns back from being pinched, that’s a good indication, internally you need to get yourself hydrated.

The Hydration Pinch Test



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