Health And Fit Day

There’s not too often during this Quarantine time that we’ve actually had an actual Health and fit day. We have definitely been focusing in on those precious moments and quality time, But nothing specific to actual nutrition and fitness but today was the day and we had so much fun! I encourage parents to find a day or a weekend to dedicate a healthy and fit day that your kids and yourself can enjoy.

Rey Rey and I started out with our fitness routine and completed two rounds. Check out this routine you can do with your little one.

Fit Day

Later on in the day it hit me that I had all of the fixings to make another scrumptious salad and Rey Rey wanted to have a hand in making it so we went ahead and made a video. Check it out!

Healthy Nutrition Day

Pick a day and figure out what moves you want to do with you kiddos AND what healthy snack/meal you can make TOGETHER!



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