Hard Days Off

Let me tell you, it’s tough being a kid! LOL Reagan has been more than a month into her kindergarten and is loving it but the major change that I noticed from daycare compared to kindergarten is it has eliminated naptime!

The first day I noticed how tuckered out she was with her first official school day and as We drove home I was just chatting it up with her and was wondering why she was so quiet until we got into the driveway and I turned around and she was knocked out! 🤣

So much new information to receive, new friends to meet it just keeps the brain activity ACTIVE during a time where she would normally have taken a nap. 

A while back I shared the importance of making sure your child is getting a complete balance nutrition especially when they are in school because there is so much activity being involved in required of them their body Has to be prepared for it in one way is providing the nutrients to keep their energy up. 

My awareness is heightened and I make sure she has her breakfast before she starts her day. And every morning she gets her multivitamins. 

Although she may be tired by the end of her school day we know that she is alert and ready to go during her school day just by the reports from her teachers. Concentration is important. 

If they are not able to concentrate during the day it’s either because they have not gotten enough sleep the night prior, nutrition is not up to par or it could be both. 

Eventually her body will adjust to the new regimen, but the key components will be to make sure the kiddos are getting enough sleep as well as nutrient dense foods that will help supplement through their day!



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