Guac Snack Attack and Improv outdoor Physical fitness

Parents! If you’ve ever been on a walk, bike ride, or jog with your kids through the neighborhood, you can always make it extra exciting for either you and/or the kids with a little extracurricular fun. 

When the kids were still in strollers I would make it fun for both of us mommy would get a good upper body workout and toned arms while the kids would have a roller coaster ride. I would simply do a “stroller pop a Willy” (press Down on the stroller handles which would lift the front stroller wheels up in the air) as we took our walk through the neighborhood. 

Now that the kids are a little older and A little more independent every now and then either I or the kids likes to come up with sporadic ideas that keep us on our toes. 

For example, usually when I take the kids on a bike ride, We keep it at just that a nice stroll through the neighborhood. But from time to time we will stop at one of the neighborhood ponds to skip rocks. In this video, This time on their bike ride, we stopped at the pond but it wasn’t to just skip rocks it was to have a mini track event.  

The kids wanted to run around the pond and show their running skills. I thought it was a great way for them to really use their energy and have fun doing it. 

Since they came up with the idea to run around the pond I came up with the idea for them to do it as a team.  One runs around comes back and hits the others hand. 

Do you see the excitement as one waited while the other one ran was funny and precious to see. I always say it, but coming up with things that can keep your kids active and fun at the same time is so important.

When you were thinking of ways to keep your kids active and have fun you have to be creative but it doesn’t have to be complex. Do you know what makes our kids upset and we also know what she has them up. Kids love when you cheer/ pump them up. 

Here’s the clip of the bike ride to the pond improv!

Bike Stop for a outdoor run

Snack Attack!!!

So I initially Purchased this guacamole From Costco, as a great snack on the go. Something for me to snack on With the whole Grain tortillas. Sooo good.
AnyWho, I was minding my own business snacking on this deliciousness, when my kiddos found me and asked what it was and if they could give it a try. They took a chip, dipped it in the guacamole and fell in love. Needless to say, I ended up giving them the rest of the guacamole

yes, even my son tried and liked it! 🤣

Guacamole is a great nutritious and delicious snack for this family and I honestly Good just making it together as a family. But if you have a busy week and are on the move, Purchasing premade healthy snacks are the way to go!



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