Growing Up and it shows

Do any other parents still do this outside of going to the doctors to see if their children have been progressing?

We love doing this! It actually excites the kids every now and then To see if they’ve grew.

This is one form of metric that we as parents could check for progress in our children’s growth alongside many other ways to make sure that they are developing mentally, physically, and emotionally.

I know as a trainer, I use many forms of metric outside of the scale, so that clients can go back and say “oh yes, I can see the difference!” Taking specific photos that can be measured using the same poses, doing girth measurements, physical fitness tests, Body fat measurements, and how clothes fit. Different ways to check progress can be done, it just all depends on each individual person and their goals.

For children, as I’ve stated in previous posts, their adolescence years are very vital as these are the years that their growth occurs the most. So us as parents, what we provide them with in those years are important, meaning, what kind of balance of nutrition and physical activity we provide for them.

It’s fun to have a personal metric that the family can use together to show progress in growth, as it can motivate and encourage not just the kids but the parents as well in knowing they are going to right direction.



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