Group Exercise Classes- YOGA & ZUMBA

This past week I wanted to do a little something different than my usual workouts. GROUP EXERCISE!! I have always wanted to take yoga, but with my busy schedule I could never get around to it. This week I made a point to do so. Only thing is, I was curious to try H.I.I.T Yoga and boy was it good yet challenging. A mix of plyometric moves and yoga poses. The first half of the class was interval based. It was coupled with 2 exercises. 30 sec of one of the exercises, 10-15 sec of rest  and then 30 sec of the other exercise.

One example; Burpees ( touch stomach to floor), coupled with Overhead Reverse Lunge with Torso rotation…We would do two rounds of that, then allow our heart rate to go down by doing child’s pose.

Once the interval workout was complete, the other half of class was strictly yoga poses.

It was awesome!!

My other workout during the week…ZUMBA!! Just pure fun and I love to dance