Greater is He!

The devil comes to kill steal and destroy. He makes you want to stop 🛑 doing what makes you happy, what makes you healthy, all when he sees the opportunity to do it! 

We have been hit several times this year, way too many to count and the devil is having a ball with it. 

There are some of us who are falling in that hole of fear, doubt and worry because the devil seen An open door to get in our heads.

There are others who are refusing to allow the devil to weaken their spirits despite the craziness they are currently going through. 

I have been on both spectrums and it’s an eye opener. 

Too many of us fall prey to what the devil whispers in our ear; You’ll never lose the weight, you’ll never get that job, that door you’re hoping to open will never open, you’ll never find love…. the list continues. 


The mental shift has to be….. in the midst of fighting through challenges, “I WILL succeed”, greater good will come to me because I know whose I am!!!

I’ve had the devil whisper in my ear a lot, but I’d rather fight the enemies lies than to take myself backwards. 

It’s so easy, and all is smooth when things are doing right, but what about when struggle, challenge and the unexpected strike?

You call on the Lord! 

That’s what my mental shift has been because the battle isn’t mine, it’s the Lords. My health, my physical fitness, my career, my relationships, my family ALL have been tested, yet I call out to the Lord for the wisdom and tools to know how to handle the tests of adversity. 

Greater is He who is within me

This young lady was on point and it’s worth the listen.

Stay healthy and blessed y’all. 



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