Gracefully Broken

“God will break you to position YOU
Break yo to promote you and break you to put in your right place but when He breaks you He doesn’t hurt you, He doesn’t
When He breaks you He doesn’t destroy you, He does it with; Grace
Take all I have in these hands and multiply God, all that I am, and find my heart on the alter again, set me on fire.
Here I am, God, arms wide open…pouring out my life, GRACEFULLY BROKEN….” – Tasha Cobbs

So in continuation of my last blog post I shared, something amazing has been happening to me. The words to the song above, is one of many I have been listening to continuously everyday. It really opens me up and sets my heart and eyes on God. Everything I have been going through, it was time that God stepped in and took a hold of me. Although I have flaws and make mistakes, it’s because of God’s love and Grace that He keeps me going…I am Gracefully Broken.
When I felt myself going into a dark place I knew was not set for me, God stepped in and rejuvenated me “set me on fire”. I can not do anything without Him.
So when I say my health and fitness journey is important to me, its because I try to find a balance physically, emotionally, and spiritually. As I said before, if one of them are off, I know it. The Spiritual aspect is the huge one in my journey.
It wasn’t until I asked God to help me (arms wide open) get back on track, don’t let me miss the opportunities He has laid out for me. I was starting to doubt myself and my passion was dimming. I was holding on for dear life not to allow the devil take me down a path that was not meant for me, I was crying for God to take control. He did. I have been seeing butterflies in my presence everywhere literally EVERYDAY.
Yesterday, August 31st, 2018 I get a text from my Pastor asking if I would be one of a few to PRAY a corporate prayer in our prayer get together. My heart got so full. For someone who hadn’t been praying, I knew it was a God thing and He wanted me to do it. So crazy how that happens!!
I did it and felt soooo liberated.
My purpose in sharing this is because we ALL have purpose and we can not lose sight of that. We may think we can do and control a lot of things on our own, in my case I only got so far before I went haywire. If we want to be successful in anything we set our eyes on, we must find balance and make it routine. Most importantly know this journey IS NOT done alone and we CAN NOT do it alone.

Love and Peace yall. Keep your eyes on the prize